FTC has always prided itself in staying on the cutting edge of the engineering and construction industry. Remaining active with industry associations such as ACI, NYC Concrete Industry Board, SEAofNY, and PWC has provided the company with insight of the industry changes which as made FTC a formidable leader and competitor.

FTC maintains all required accreditations and licenses to perform the inspection and testing services. FTC has also been listed as an approved agency to many local authorities. The following is a list of accreditations, licenses, and approvals:

  • Registered Special Inspection Agency with NYCDOB Code
  • A2LA accredited as required by NYCDOB
  • Licensed NYCDOB Concrete Testing Laboratory
  • Registered to practice Engineer in the state of New York
  • Registered to practice Engineering in the state of New Jersey
  • Licensed by NYSDOL to store and transport Nuclear gauges
  • Licensed by NJDOL to store and transport Nuclear gauges
  • DASNY Approved
  • SCA Approved
  • DDC Approved
  • MTA Approved
  • PANYNJ Approved
  • Vendex Compliance
  • EDC Approved
  • AASHTO Accreditation in:
    – Quality Systems – R18, C1077, D3740, E329
    – Soil
    – Aggregate
    – Portland Cement Concrete
  • Inspected by CCRL