FTC has over 90 years of combined experience in forensic investigation and testing. Our engineers develop testing programs for each project’s specific requirements. We also design special testing fixtures for each unique job situation. We have many years of providing our forensic knowledge ranging from a straight forward anchor pull test to challenging load testing of structural components. No other company has as much comprehensive experience and knowledge in this specialty field. We adapt to each jobs concern and come up with well thought out solutions to unique problems. FTC’s owners are Professional Engineers and their ability to work with prominent engineering firms and understand the challenges their job presents on a professional level.

Tension and Shear Pull Test
Hanging Load Test
Roofing Material Bond Test
Slab Load Test
Windsor Probe Testing
Floor Flatness
Concrete Temperature Monitoring
GPR Survey
Window Washer Tieback and Davit Load Test
Steel Reinforcement Pull Test
Half Cell Testing
Tile Floor Bond Test
Crack Monitoring
Pachometer Survey (R Meter)
Core Drilling
Smoke Test
Moisture Emission Testing