FTC offers inspection services of new building as well as renovation construction as required by federal, state, and local municipalities for compliance to project plans, specifications, codes and regulations.


Soil Site Preparation
Soil Fill Placement & In-Place Density
Concrete Test Cylinders
Concrete – Precast
Concrete – Prestressed
Concrete Cast-in-Place Concrete (Rebar)
Excavation – Sheeting, Shoring & Bracing
Pile Foundations & Drilled Pier Installation
Pier Foundations
Firestop, Draftstop, and Fireblock
Structural Steel – Welding
Structural Steel – Erection & Bolting
Structural Steel – Cold Formed Steel
Non-Destructive Examination
Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials
Wood – Off-site fabrication of structural elements
Wood – Installation of High-Load Diaphragms
Wood – Installation of Metal-Place-Connected Trusses
Wood – Installation of Prefabricated I-Joists
Wall Panels, Curtain Wall and Veneers
Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)
Alternative Materials
Smoke Control Systems
Mechanical Systems
Fuel Oil Storage & Fuel Oil Piping
High Pressure Steam Piping (welding)
Fuel Gas Piping (Welding)
Structural Safety – Structural Stability
Mechanical Demolition
Emergency Power System (Generators)
Fire Alarm Test
Photoluminescent Exit Math Markings
Seismic Isolation
Sprinkler Systems and Hydrostatic Inspection
Standpipe Systems
Soil Percolation Test – Drywell
Soil Percolation Test – Septic
Septic System Installation
Aluminum Welding
Flood Zone Compliance
Concrete Design Mix
Heating System
Site Storm Drainage Disposal and Detention System Installation